Current Projects 
Type of Construction Client 
5 Valves Prep Kinder Morgan 
5 Valves Outage Kinder Morgan 
Maintenance – Pasadena Kinder Morgan 
Trunkline at Colonial Facility Kinder Morgan 
Pit 4 Splitter Kinder Morgan 
Civil/Structural/Mech. At Colex Pit 4 Kinder Morgan 
Civil/Structural/Mech. MTBE BD2 to Old Pit Kinder Morgan 
Maintenance – Galena Park Kinder Morgan 
XOM – TK 130-10 & 150-43 Piping Kinder Morgan 
TK Line Repairs Kinder Morgan 
Replace West Side Splitter Kinder Morgan 
Excavate/Expose 16 Inch Steam Line TECO 
South Tower Trap Condensate Repair TECO 
Insulation Integrity NVP-23 TECO 
XOM Pit 4 Tie-Ins Billfinger 
12 Inch LCRC Hydrotest Kinder Morgan 
TK Line Demo and Replace 30” Kinder Morgan 
Locate and Repair Chill Water Leak TECO 
20 Inch East-West Hydro Kinder Morgan 
Locate/Repair Chill Water Line TECO 
XOM 2020 Labor  Removal of Blinds and Leak Kinder Morgan 
Test PC Line – Helium Testing TECO 

Past Projects 
Type of Construction Client 
P&B Loading Rack Exxon 
Install Steam Coils GATX 
Repair on Meter Skids Gulf Gas Utilities 
Install 850 Feet HDPE Alamo MFG 
Remove Plant Roads Alamo MFG 
Repair 6 Inch Firewater Line Alamo MFG 
T&M Exxon 
Tank 80-17 Piping GATX 
Remove Fire Supp. System Marathon Pipeline 
Road/Parking Lot Construction Exxon 
New Products Development Exxon 
Pentane Piping, Concrete, Steel Exxon 
Install Historical Marker Exxon 
Walkway over Canal Exxon 
Tank Farm Rack Piping 20,990 Feet of 12 Inch Intercontinental Tank Co. 
Oilfield Services Agreement – T&MBHP Petro.
Inspect/Repair LagoonsExxon
Install 43,000 Feet C.S. 14 InchStolt Terminals Inc. 
Tank Repairs – Civil & Mechanical Exxon 
Civil/Mech. Maintenance Amerada Hess 
Tank Rigs Exxon 
Pentane Piping/Steel/Civil Exxon 
#3 Polypropylene Unit Piping/Equipment AMOCO/Pritchard 
Steam Cracked Pipe/Steel/Concrete Exxon 
Construction Services Contract Marathon Pipeline 
MTBE Phase 1 Dock Piping/Steel Shell 
MTBE Phase 2 Piping/Civil Shell 
2 Tank Rings Exxon 
On-Site Foundations/Paving Exxon 
Tank Foundation Exxon 
SCU II Major Concrete Foundations Exxon 
Pump Station 12 Inch Piling/Sheet/H Beams Exxon 
Install Sump Tank Exxon 
Furnace Oil Production Unit Piping/Civil Shell 
SCU II – Steel & Piping Exxon 
T&M Marathon Pipeline 
MTBE Demo Parsons SIP 
H2O Line Catalytic Resources 
T&M Shell Pipeline 
10 Inch Waxline Demo Parsons SIP 
New 10 Inch Waxline Parsons SIP 
Site Clearing Parsons SIP 
Shutdown Work TECON/AMOCO 
12 Inch ASTF Parsons SIP 
Wax Oil Separator Parsons SIP 
Wax Oil Mechanical Parsons SIP 
12 Inch Dubbs Parsons SIP 
Stiles Parsons SIP 
Concrete Foundations Aristech 
Concrete Retain. Wall Parsons SIP 
Drilled Footing Supports Parsons SIP 
Piling Project and Erosion Control EGP Fuels 
General Conditions Contract EGP Fuels 
Three 42 Feet – 6 Inch Foundations Paktank Corp. 
Plant Expansion – Civil Paktank Corp. 
12 Inch Pipeline Amerada Hess 
Tank Walls Mech. Pipe Paktank Corp. 
Roadway Paving Paktank Corp. 
Laydown Area, Conc. Foundation, Steel, Piping FLOUR 
Asphalt Parking Lot Lyondell/CITGO 
T&M Aristech 
Mech. Piping Package E Exxon 
Mech. Piping Package B Exxon 
Mech. Piping & Civil Concrete GATX 
42 Inch Piping Amerada Hess 
Galena Park Tank Expansions Paktank Corp. 
660# Steam/Demin Water, Steel, Foundations, Conc. Exxon 
Galena Park Site Expansions Paktank Corp. 
RCCR – Tank Removal EMPAK 
Groundwater Recovery System Radian 
Pipe Supports, Pump Foundations & Piping CITGO 
Process Piping GNI