At Shamrock Farrell, we believe our greatest asset is our employees, and we’re continually looking to recruit others who reflect the professionalism, expertise, innovation and commitment to the quality that defines our business. With offices throughout the United States, our employees have the flexibility to work in a variety of locations. We hire and retain managers, supervisors, equipment operators, welders, and workers who work well as part of a team, but show initiative and drive as individuals.

Our company is growing fast, and that growth offers a wide variety of opportunities for qualified, talented and motivated professionals. As part our team, you will experience exciting new projects and professional practices, further developing your skills and benefiting from an environment that’s creative, groundbreaking and, above all, supportive.

Our team is constantly growing, and every role in the company is important. If you are interested in joining the team, or would like more information on competitive compensation and benefits available, please send your application and resume to: