‘Doing it right the first time’ earns repeat clients, success

For more than 47 years, Shamrock Farrell LLC has provided general contractor services to the industrial, power, oil and gas, and chemical processing sectors. Shamrock Farrell’s focus on health and safety is reflected by zero recordables for 2019 and 2020, which have earned the contractor the Golden Shovel Award, among many other accolades.

As a general contractor, Shamrock Farrell specializes in heavy civil, concrete, piping, steel and on-setting equipment for projects related to grassroot, brownfield and turnaround construction.

Based in Pasadena, Texas, with offices in League City and Santa Fe, Texas, Shamrock Farrell provides “inside-the-fence” contractor services to sites along the Gulf Coast, especially in Texas and Louisiana. The company prides itself on not only its stellar safety record, but also on “doing it right the first time” by performing work of the highest quality for its predominantly midstream and downstream customers. Shamrock Farrell boasts an impressive roster of clients who continue to do business with the company year after year.

When asked why he has repeatedly utilized Shamrock Farrell on construction projects over the past 15 years, Thermal Energy Corp. (TECO) Distribution Supervisor Scotty Walker replied, “Shamrock Farrell understands the criticality of TECO’s service to the Texas Medical Center — one of the largest medical centers in the world — and the importance of completing projects quickly while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.”

Similarly, one construction manager testified that his company relies on Shamrock Farrell time after time because of its “ongoing commitment to collaborate with customers, resulting in consistent project success and unparalleled customer satisfaction.”

These commitments to quality and safety are also the reason the average tenure of Shamrock Farrell’s employees is over nine years. The company’s operations group is run by seasoned veterans Sheriff Dingler and Bruce Holland, the latter of whom has logged more than 35 years at the company. Maintaining a workforce of safe, experienced personnel from leadership to operators in the field is key to Shamrock Farrell’s success. It’s the people of Shamrock Farrell who drive the quality and consistency of its work, which continues to bring customers back year after year, on project after project — because they know exactly what to expect when Shamrock Farrell is on the job.

Shamrock Farrell joins Bennett Construction family

In 2019, “outside-the-fence” contractor services provider Bennett Construction began reviewing new opportunities for expansion, seeking to open a Gulf Coast division. Bennett wanted to identify a company that would not only share its exacting standards for health, safety and quality of work, but would also be a cultural fit.

Headquartered in Beaver, Oklahoma, Bennett’s first step was to bring in industry veteran and Executive Manager Jim Henry as vice president of its newly created Gulf Coast division. After joining the team, Henry arranged an introduction of Shamrock’s Farrell brothers to Bennett owners and brothers Guy and Braden Bennett. Upon meeting, it quickly became apparent to both pairs of brothers that the two companies were fully compatible and complementary. Recognizing the potential of joining forces, the companies acted quickly to seal the deal.

Since joining the Bennett Construction family, Shamrock Farrell clients continue to benefit from its elite safety record and the quality of its “inside-the-fence” services, but now also receive those same standards with the support of Bennett’s “outside-the-fence” contractor services.

For more information about how Shamrock Farrell can become your contractor of choice by delivering on all of your maintenance, turnaround, fabrication, civil, structural, piping and equipment needs, call us @ 713-472-7413.